Spring Term News 2021!

Our 2021 term began with an icy blast!


January bought snow to Nannas! We wrapped up warm and embraced the experience  making snow angels and having snowball exchanges! Forest School was magical with ponds frozen over and the snow as deep as our wellies!

We also completed our Nativity play at Hawthorn Avenue in January as this was postponed from December due to the absences of the cast in December! It was a little odd singing carols in January but the children embraced this and were super stars!


In February we celebrated the life of the War and Pandemic legend Sir Tom Moore who raised lots of money for the NHS during the crisis last year. The children completed a lap of the garden in honour of Sir Tom and also decorated some special war medals for the hero.

Our little heartbreakers celebrated Valentines Day on Monday 15th February. The children sat in their bubbles for a special ‘lady and the tramp’ romantic lunch, complete with heart cards and red roses.

We cooked up a storm on pancake day with the children each attempting to make and toss their own pancake, before choosing their favourite toppings and tucking into their sweet treats! We learnt about the history of pancake day and how traditionally this was to use up all the cooking ingredients in the cupboard before lent began.

On 19th February, our wonderful families joined in with the national ‘Thumbs Up for Early Years’ effort, posting selfies in appreciation of Nannas wonderful team and all they have done through lockdown for the children. We have been proud over the past 12 months to  provide a sense of normality and stability to our children and their families amidst all the chaos, fright and uncertainty.


In March we had a special treat due to the unseasonably warm weather! An ice-cream van visited all three of our Nannas sites. Each child was able to visit Aaron the ice-cream man and choose their own cool treat! The adults were also spoilt for choice with some extra special items, all paid for by Nannas!

On 4th March we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters. The staff also joined in and we even had a special visit from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the day! We saw characters including Spiderman, the Gruffalo and even Postman Pat!

On 19th March the nurseries celebrated Red Nose Day and raised money for children around the world! With the help of Cbeebies JoJo and Gran Gran, the children enjoyed dancing and  singing, a fabulous time was had by all with lots of donations for this special cause!


The Easter bunny visited us on the 1st April (socially distanced of course!) They gave out chocolate eggs and bars to all the children who have been amazing again so far this year!

Spring arrived at Forest School with the children delighting in exploring the new flora and fauna, spotting the nesting birds and the new baby animals! They loved relaxing in the trees in the new hammock too!

On 16th April parents received their child’s allocated school placements! We had lots of nervous parents anxiously awaiting their news and most were not disappointed! This sparked the start of next term’s transition work!


On 12th May we celebrated International Nurse's Day (very apt considering the last year we have experienced!) Our children spent the morning being Nurse's and looking after their patients! This sparked lots of conversations about who's Mummy's & Daddy's worked at the Hospital! The children also practiced their handwriting and drawing skills whilst exploring which items a nurse may need to complete their job! Who knows, we may have inspired some of our children to become Nurse's when they grow up!

We joined in with 'Pyjamarama Day' in May to raise money for BookTrust to ensure that every child gets their bedtime story! Children enjoyed a comfy, cosy day in their PJ's with lots of stories, the staff even bought in their own favourite book to share with the children.

World Turtle Day came to Nannas on 23rd May! Children learnt the difference between tortoises and turtles and made their own turtle pictures using bubble printing.


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