Nannas Day Nurseries have three sites in Colchester, Essex serving local and wider communities, accessible to all with 20 years experience of providing outstanding childcare for children and their families.

Open Monday to Friday, 6.30am until 6.30pm the nurseries provide exceptional environments for children who learn through educational, stimulating, exciting, innovative, natural and homemade activities both in and outdoors. Caring for children from birth to 8 years old in specially allocated rooms with trained and experienced staff.

Established in 1997, Nannas Day Nurseries began life from the owners living room and thus the name 'Nannas' was born! We still remember going to our nanna's as children and we want to re-create these special memories for the children we care for.

Nannas Day Nurseries quickly grew in Clacton into first a portable, then a purpose built builiding. In 2004 Nannas were offered the opportunity to expand into Colchester and set up a nursery on Bromley Road as part of the Surestart Childrens Centre programme. Nannas were successful in their bid against many other reputable and established childcare providers and delighted in this new venture.

Only one year later, in 2005, the opportunity arose for Nannas to open a second nursery in Colchester on the Turner Road site providing childcare solely for NHS staff working at the hospital. Again Nannas were successful and delighted in helping transform one of the old villa's into a fully equipped and working full day care nursery (complete with it's own natural tree walk - perfect for a Bear Hunt!)

In 2018 Nannas won the contract to take over the old Beehive Children's Centre adjacent to Queen Boudica Primary School on Cowper Crescent! The converted Children's Centre opened in September 2018 and cares for all children aged 2-5 years in two large, beautiful, open plan rooms. The nursery also features a welcoming hallway and secure natural garden along with all the other trademark features of a Nannas Nursery!

Proof that Nannas Day Nurseries are still thriving in Colchester, we have reputations and waiting lists that speak for themselves! We delight in supporting our children grow and develop whilst becoming part of their extended family! Generations of the same families are now coming through our doors and this is a credit to the hard work, dedication and love that all members of Team Nannas have in abundance!

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