In House Competitions

Spring has Sprung Competition:
Our annual Spring competition takes place to ensure the gardens are prepared for use over the Summer period. This competition involves decorating the garden, planting flowers and a deep clean of all toys and equipment. This year our theme was 'All things bright and beautiful'.

Role Play Competition:
Each year each room re-vamps and refreshes their role play corners. Themes have varied in the past depending on the interests of the children from travel agents to post offices, vets and doctors! Childrens rooms are transformed on judging day and children enjoy playing with the resources for many weeks.

Christmas Competition:
The annual Christmas competition is hard fought between all three nurseries and staff work hard to provide children with magical experiences through decorating the nursery and carrying out a range of exciting activities in order to win the coveted trophy! 

Treasure Basket Competition:
As the ‘natural place to play and learn’ we love treasure baskets and natural resources but these obviously need updating and replacing on a regular basis. Our annual treasure basket competition provides staff the opportunity to refresh their treasure baskets with new exciting objects! The prize for this is an extra annual leave day so the competition is hard fought!

Every October our nurseries are transformed into spooky environments with sensory activities and dressing up days! Children love participating in this by carving pumpkins at home with their parents! A fantastic messy week is had by all!

Peg People:
We love to make our own resources here at Nannas and our favourite competition is transforming our wooden pegs into accessories for our small world activities – these range from animals, fictional characters and people who help us!