Parent Feedback

Its easy for us to say how outstanding we are so we thought we would ask our parents and children for their feedback:

“Amelia wouldn’t be the little girl she is today without all the help and support of the staff at Nannas.” (Amelia)

“I wouldn’t have managed without the help and support of Nannas. Thank you so much for caring for my daughter” (Radhika)

“Everyone at Nannas has always been brilliant with taking care of Marlie every week for the past 3 years! The staff deserve so much credit for doing such a good job and taking care of everyone! (Marlie)

Nannas has given my daughter Matilda so much love, care and support during her time there, we honestly could not have asked for a better nursery!” (Matilda)

“Our son is unrecognisable from the child he was when he began nursery and this is all down to everything Nannas has done for him. Thank you!” (Devon)

I wish my son didn’t have to leave for school and could stay much longer at Nannas!” (Lui) “All the staff at Nannas are a real asset to the children’s learning, we feel our son has been given a great foundation on which to build. Keep up the hard work and commitment!” (Harry)

“We would strongly recommend Nannas to all our friends and family. Our favourite things have been the friendly and approachable staff, and the outdoor play and learning. Both our children have loved their time at Nannas!” (Annabelle and Lucy)

Carolyn talks about the staff and children all the time, she loves coming to Nannas!” (Carolyn)

“Jacob’s time at Nannas has been tremendous from a little baby to first steps and words, tantrums and potty training, dancing, eating, sharing, playing, reading, sleeping and so much more! He has always been very happy here and when he goes to school he will miss the security Nannas has always given him” (Jacob)

“We loved Edith’s graduation party, it was great and she will miss all her teachers! Special thanks to Annette (Chef) for feeding her so well, I hear she often has third helpings!” (Edith)

“Lucy is an amazing Nursery Nurse, my daughter talks very highly of her. Thanks for being fantastic and utterly amazing!” (Iris)

“We thank Nannas with all our hearts and the staff for looking after, cuddling, reading to, playing with, wiping tears, consoling, coaching, encouraging, feeding, helping, guiding, instructing, befriending and listening to and all the other tasks that have guided our wonderful son Jacob into a wonderful young boy” (Jacob)

“Nannas has such a lovely warm and friendly environment which has helped our son grow into a happy confident little boy! Nannas is a fantastic nursery due to all the staff’s hard work and I’m glad that Josh is so happy to go to nursery!” (Joshua)

“Thank you so much for everything that you have done for Ruby and all the support you have given us as a family. You are all truly amazing” (Ruby)

“Staff at Nannas make the nursery such a fantastic place, Lucy has really enjoyed her time there, she has learnt so much and has had so many great experiences! Shannon, Charlie, Lucy, Abi and Hayley – you really do feel like my extended family and have always supported me as a mum. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on singing your praises!” (Lucy)

“Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all the staff have given my son, when he goes to school he is going to miss nursery so much but the ladies even more!” (Toby)

In the words of Harriet herself: “I love this nursery!” (Harriet)

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