10 reasons to choose Nannas

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    When Nannas Day Nurseries beat more than 20 other nursery chains to win the contract to open our nursery on the site of Hazelmere School, we were asked to describe Nannas in three words, we simply said: “Quality, quality, quality” The quality of our nurseries, our team, our equipment and resources, our unique individual planning, our outstanding care - ‘quality’ has been the focal point of every decision made at Nannas in the last 20 years.
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    If quality is the focal point, then this has been achieved with every nursery ever owned by the Nannas Group achieving an Outstanding Grade in inspections by OfSTED, most recently in 2017! Essex County Council has consistently praised Nannas for our commitment to developing and improving our practice whilst providing outstanding care for our children and their families. In 2014 Nannas Day Nurseries had the highest uptake of funded children in Essex and as such received a visit from (then) Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Education Minister Sam Gyimah in 2015. Nannas has won a range of awards from Essex County Council, Essex in Boom, the Colchester & District Business Awards and NMT (Nursery Management Today).
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    20 years ago, the founders of Nannas Day Nurseries saw that there was a gap in childcare provision for high quality, affordable, flexible childcare for parents. Flexibility has proven to be a key ingredient for success at Nannas. With moveable divides between each room we are able to alter the sizes of our rooms to accommodate the varying age range in our occupancy, for example if we have an influx of 2 year olds we can simply move the divide to increase the capacity available. We are also flexible in the sessions we offer, from fixed contracts to as and when, accommodating the varying working patterns of our parents with extended opening hours of 6.30am to 6.30pm.
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    Every successful company provides something that is unique. At Nannas it is hard to pinpoint one unique service. We pride ourselves on providing the complete unique service for children and their families, from the starting point of planning each day for each individual child to celebrating their time with us when leaving for school at our annual Graduation ceremony. Seeing is believing so come and visit us and experience this uniqueness for yourself! Being part of our family is something which you will remember for many years!
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    Child Led

    The greatest criticism and the greatest praise come from the same place…….the children we care for. At Nannas Day Nurseries we have really learned to listen to our children, to hear what they have to say about the layout of rooms, the type of equipment we use, even down to the kind of food our chef creates. At Nannas the most influential decision makers are not the practitioners, or the parents, but the prime ministers, professors, scientists, astronauts, olympists, explorers and engineers of the future..…!
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    Meeting Parents Needs

    Being a parent is without a doubt one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding roles any human can undertake. At Nannas Day Nurseries, we are also parents. Many of our own children are at the nurseries along with yours, and some will become future ‘Nannas’! We have developed a staff team with many years of personal and professional experience who will be there with you through the good times and the bad (the teething, potty training etc!) We are dedicated to our ongoing commitment to you and your child and really understand how you need us to fit around your life, we will do anything we can to make life easier for you and your family.
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    Nannas Day Nurseries are now in its third decade of award winning, outstanding childcare, with inspiring leaders still at the forefront of its development. The team has a proven track record with the company, with practitioners staying with the nurseries for years. Many joined the team from college and years later, together, we have celebrated their graduations, driving tests, engagements, weddings and births of their own children. At Nannas, we are more than colleagues; we have become an extended family.
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    Proven Track Record

    From our own life experiences we know that selecting the right kind of childcare is one of the most challenging decisions you have to make. At Nannas we know that you are looking for a nursery that will not only meet all of your families needs, but also you can be sure you are making the right and best possible choice for your child. Three decades of proving time and time again that we deserve to be inspected as ‘Outstanding’ helps, but actually knowing that regularly we have waiting lists for sessions, and we listen to what our parents say about us confirms that you have selected the best possible childcare for your child when you select Nannas. Literally thousands of other families would agree with you!
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    Using Natural Materials

    At Nannas we are consistently praised for our innovative approach to caring for children. A special aspect of this approach is our use of natural materials within children’s play. A significant number of Early Years Specialists are leaning ever closer to challenging the high use of brightly coloured, plastic and other man-made objects in children’s play. At Nannas you will not find ‘toys’ you will find an endless range of possibilities for children’s imaginations. Our practice promotes increased brain function and a child’s imagination that will just never ever end!
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    Never Standing Still

    At Nannas Day Nurseries we could say that we have achieved a lot and now we can just sit back and enjoy the rewards of our years of hard work and dedication. We do not. Children never stop learning, developing, creating, making, imagining and understanding. In addition to this the world is also moving forwards, we do not know what kind of employment our children will have in 20 years time. So where do you want your child to be? Well, we want our children to be in a nursery that never stands still but that continually strives to give of its best and move with our children, learning alongside them, after all, they are the best teachers and our future generation….…!
  • Here’s What our Families Think…..

    Don’t just take it from us, here are some testimonials from the families who have used Nannas Day Nurseries over the last 20 years: “Amelia wouldn’t be the little girl she is today without all the help and support of the staff at Nannas” (Amelia’s parents) “I wish my son didn’t have to leave for school and could stay much longer at Nannas!” (Lui’s parent) “Nannas has given my daughter Matilda so much love, care and support during her time here, we honestly could not have asked for a better nursery” (Matilda’s parents) “I love this nursery!” (Harriet) “We thank Nannas with all our hearts and the staff for looking after, cuddling, reading to, playing with, wiping tears, coaching, guiding, encouraging and listening to (and all the other tasks) that have guided our son Jacob into the wonderful boy he is today” (Jacob’s parents)
  • “You are all truly amazing!” (Ruby’s parents) “Nannas is such a lovely, warm, friendly environment which has helped our son grow into a happy, confident little boy. Nannas is a fantastic nursery and I am so glad that my son goes there!” (Joshua’s parents) “Staff at Nannas make the nursery such a fantastic place, you really all feel like our extended family. Keep up the good work and I will keep singing your praises!” (Lucy’s parents) “I wouldn’t have managed without the help and support of Nannas. Thank you so much for all you do!” (Radhika’s parent) “Our son is unrecognisable from the child he was when he began nursery and this is all down to everything Nannas has done for him” (Devon’s parents) “My son has always been very happy here and when he goes to school he will miss the security Nannas has always given him” (Jacob’s parent)