Our Purpose, Vision, Values and Mission Statement

‘The Natural Place to Play and Learn’ is the ethos that Nannas Day Nurseries is built upon – both in the lateral and the practical sense.

Our Purpose

The nursery environments are rich in natural equipment and resources – perfect for promoting self-discovery, exploration and creating curious learners.

‘Nannas’ truly is an extension of our children’s families, providing the crucial balance between the security parents crave and the playfulness children adore. Going the extra mile is what sets us apart, we truly care – after all, you are family.

We believe in children learning through play whilst being supported by knowledgeable, sensitive practitioners. Nannas Day Nurseries are committed to working with the child’s first and most important educator – their parents.

Our team are handpicked, our recruitment process is tough as we only want the very best staff working for us and caring for the children at Nannas – this is nothing less than what the children deserve. It takes a lot to become a true ‘Nanna’ and when you’re wearing purple the sky truly is the limit!

The children at Nannas are respected and valued as unique individuals, our aim is for all children who attend Nannas Day Nurseries to become respectful, curious, confident and resilient members of the community – able to make positive relationships, achieving their full potential.

Our Vision     

Our children never stop discovering, exploring, creating, inventing and being adventurous and neither do we. At Nannas Day Nurseries we never stand still, we continually strive to give our best, moving with the times, adapting policy and practice to meet the ever changing needs of our families and the communities we serve.


Our Values

These are the values and principles that will inspire and guide our behaviours and attitudes at Nannas


We are happy when we treat others the way that we like to be treated. We embrace and value differences. We have hearts full of love, ears ready to listen and hands ready to help.


We are curious, ambitious and inquisitive members of our community. We are open minded, responsive and determined to succeed. We appreciate the awe and wonder of the world around us.


We build trusting relationships and enjoy working together. We are kind and empathetic when we communicate with others. We appreciate friendships and are willing to help.


We are confident, independent and ambitious learners. We believe in our own abilities and always strive to give our best. We ask why and find out how.


We have the courage to overcome any challenges we may face. We learn from our mistakes and we always keep trying. We believe we can.

We are the discoverers, explorers, adventurers, creators and inventors of the future.


Our Mission Statement

Nannas Day Nurseries mission is to provide children and their families with the highest quality of care, learning and development in an enriched natural environment. We aim to deliver the security parents crave with the playfulness children adore.

Nannas Day Nurseries – the natural place to play and learn.

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