Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What times are you open?

A. All three nursery’s are open Monday-Friday 6.30am-6.30pm. We are closed on Bank Holidays.

Q. What sessions do you offer?

A. Our Turner Road site offers Full Days, Mornings or Afternoon sessions. Our Hawthorn Avenue site offers Full Days, funded only sessions, Mornings, Afternoons, Breakfast, After-School and Holidays Clubs. Our Cowper Crescent site offers Full Days, funded only sessions, Mornings and Afternoons. For the times and prices of these please contact each nursery directly.

Q. How do I organise a viewing of the nursery?

A. To view any of our nursery’s please contact us using the details below: Turner Road: 01206 843851 Hawthorn Avenue: 01206 791501 Cowper Crescent: 01206 853476

Q. Are you Ofsted registered? If so, how do I view your report?

A. All Nannas Day Nurseries sites are Ofsted registered and our latest inspection reports can be found through the link on each nursery page or by visiting Our registration numbers are as follows: Turner Road: EY314142 Hawthorn Avenue: EY288950 Cowper Crescent: EY562114

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit to secure my place?

A. No. Your place with us is secure once you have visited the nursery, signed a childcare contract and arranged a start date and days required. Please note that if there is no space at our sites, you will be placed on a waiting list on a first come first served basis. When you reach the top of the waiting list you will be contacted to be informed of spaces available. Please be aware that our nurseries fill up very quickly due to our extended opening hours and excellent reputations, most parents sign their babies up during their pregnancy so it is never too soon! We will always offer you alternative childcare at one of our other sites if possible.

Q. Will my child have any settling in sessions?

A. Each child is offered two settling in sessions as standard before they are due to start nursery but obviously each child and family is different so we will work with parents and offer more sessions until your child is fully settled. Settling in sessions are free of charge and we offer them in one and two hourly slots to give your child a gradual introduction into nursery life. We try and book these settling in sessions the week before your child is due to start to fully prepare both them and you for this transition, this also ensures that there isn’t too long a period between them visiting and starting nursery. On your one hour settling in session you will be asked to complete a Care Plan detailing your child’s general routine, likes/dislikes and current developmental achievements. Your settling in sessions will normally be booked when you sign your childcare contract, if you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to speak to your Nursery Manager.

Q. What do I need to bring each day?

A. Most children bring with them a small rucksack containing: a change (or two!) of clothes, wellies (when needed), suncream and sunhat (when needed), any comforters (e.g. special teddy, dummy, muzzy), woollen hat/gloves/scarf (when needed) alongside a coat/jacket (when needed), nappies and wipes (where applicable). We ask that parents do not provide their own Calpol or Nurofen in your child’s bag, we have nursery supplies which we will give to your child as and when required/requested. Please ensure all your child's belongings are clearly labelled to prevent them becoming misplaced.

Q. Do I provide food for my child?

A. Our Turner Road nursery has a substantial kitchen and Nursery Chef which are able to provide breakfast, morning snack, a cooked lunch with either starter or pudding and an afternoon snack. This is all included in your daily rate. Our Cowper Crescent site also offers children cooked meals and a small charge is incurred for this, however children are able to bring in packed lunches from home should they wish. Our Hawthorn Avenue nursery is able to provide breakfast, morning and afternoon snack but asks parents to provide their child with a healthy packed lunch.

Q. If my child has allergies can you accommodate this?

A. Yes, we can cater for dietary requirements at both sites, simply inform the Nursery Manager or your child’s Key Person on your settling in sessions.

Q. Do I provide nappies, wipes and milk for my child?

A. Nappies and wipes are provided for all NHS parents at our Turner Road, Cowper Crescent and Hawthorn Avenue sites. Private parents are asked to supply their own. As there is such a wide variety of formula milks, we ask that parents supply their own at the nurseries. This can be a full tin which stays at nursery and the staff will simply make the required bottles you provide each day, informing you when the tin is nearly empty. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring made up bottles or powder in each day. Cows milk (full fat) is provided for all children as is drinking water. We encourage the children to drink either water or milk and not juice, however if you would like your child to have juice you are welcome to provide this. Water is accessed via our hydration stations which are freshly filled throughout the day with ice and fruit which children can help themselves to.

Q. Can you give my child medicine?

A. Staff are trained in administering medication and can do so providing: any antibiotics or prescribed medicine has been given at home for at least the first 24 hours (in case of any allergic reactions) regardless of whether your child has had the medicine before or not; and all medication must be signed in on a medication form before this can be given to your child. Medicines will be stored in the medicine box in the office or the fridge in the kitchen. All medication must be in the original, labelled packaging. Any long term medication such as asthma inhalers can also be given and kept at nursery on a long term basis (if you have more than one of each device). Again, a long term medication form must be completed for this.

Q. Are all staff qualified? Do all staff have First Aid qualifications?

A. Each nursery has a staff board where you can see which staff members are in which room, what their job roles are and what qualifications they have, including any first aid, food hygiene and safeguarding children training. We aim for a minimum of one Level 3 qualified staff member per room but this is exceeded in most cases. We take apprentices and train them up to Level 2, 3 and beyond. We also accept work experience students who are required to go through the same recruitment process as any other prospective employee and are fully supervised and supported throughout their time with us (work experience students are limited to maximum 1 per room and only 2 per setting at any one time).

Q. How do I pay my bill?

A. Invoices are created monthly and are paid by the 1st of each month in advance. Invoices can be paid by cash, cheque, standing order or childcare vouchers. For details of the company’s bank account, please contact the nursery directly. Details of the childcare voucher schemes we are registered with can be found on the ‘About Nannas’ page.

Q. Do you accept working tax credits and other benefits?

A. Yes, payment of any credits or benefits will be made to parents directly and you then forward this payment onto us via the means above.

Q. Do I pay for Bank Holidays?

A. No. Bank Holidays are deducted from your relevant monthly invoice.

Q. Do I pay if my child is off sick?

A. Yes. In order to keep your place at the nursery all booked sessions must be paid for regardless of sickness/absence.

Q. What do I do if my child has sickness and diarrhoea?

A. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea they must remain off nursery for at least 24 hours from the last bout. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of other children and staff.

Q. Do I get holiday/annual leave entitlement?

A. Annual leave is a benefit offered only to our NHS staff parents. These can be booked by emailing the Nursery Manager. We must receive at least 4 weeks notice of any holiday days. NHS staff parents are entitled to 4x the amount of days attended in a week in a holiday year (e.g. 2 days a week = 8 holiday days per year). A holiday year runs from each child’s start date for 12 months and is then renewed. Holiday days cannot be carried or taken over or from any other holiday year, any days un-used will be lost.

Q. What happens if I am late to collect my child?

A. On the odd occasion we understand that parents may be late to collect their child and this will go un-charged, however if this becomes a regular or persistent occurrence we will charge £5 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) that you are late. This money goes directly to the staff who stay with your child. We ask that as much as possible if you are going to be late you arrange an alternative person to collect.

Q. Do you offer sibling discounts?

A. The first sibling of each family receives a 5% discount for their entire time at Nannas Day Nurseries. This is deducted from your monthly invoice.

Q. How does the funding work?

A. Each 3 and 4 year old child is entitled to 15 hours funding per week over 38 weeks of the year. Some 2 year old children are also entitled to 15 hours funding per week, personal circumstances depending (there is a set criteria you must meet). For more information, or to find out if you are eligible for the 2 year funding, please contact either nursery or your local council. We also accomodate the 30 hours funding. 3 year old children can claim this the term after their third birthday. Every child receives the standard 15 hours funding but in order to qualify for this additional 15 hours at least one parent in the family must work 16 hours or more per week and must earn less that £100,000.00 per year. Parents apply online for a code which they must renew each term in order to continue claiming the 30 hours. For more information, or to see if you are eligible please visit

Q. What schools do you drop off and pick up from?

A. Our Hawthorn Avenue nursery runs our Breakfast and Afterschool clubs and currently work with Hazelmere Infant School, Hazelmere Juniors School and Roachvale (all in walking distance) where we will drop off and collect on booked sessions.

Q. What is a Key Person? Will my child have one?

A. Nannas Day Nurseries follow the Key Person Approach meaning that each child is allocated a Key Person. This person will be your main point of contact with the nursery. They will carry out the majority of your child’s personal and intimate care throughout the day, replicating the one to one relationship and bond children would receive at home with a parent/carer. Key Persons will complete Developmental Records on their children and plan for their progress through the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum) with individual Education Programmes based on their likes and interests. Twice a year these are combined into a developmental report or 2 year check which is shared with parents at Parents Evenings and next steps are jointly agreed. For further information about your child’s Key Person please ask your child’s Room Leader or see the staff notice board at each nursery.

Q. Where can I view the nursery’s policies and procedures?

A. All Nannas Day Nurseries policies and procedures can be viewed at each site, they are available in the entrance hall in a file. If you have any questions about these policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. How do I know my child is safe and secure at nursery?

A. Each of our sites has a secure door entry system which is answered and opened only by staff members. We ask parents not to let each other into the nursery or tailgate upon entering or exiting the building. On your childcare contract we ask you to name those allowed to collect your child and provide a password which will be used to verify their identities. Rest assured we will not let any un-recognised persons into the nursery and if anyone arrives to collect your child whom you haven’t notified us of, we will contact you and not let them go until we have your permission. Our gardens are secure with fencing and locked gates. Appropriate safety measures are in place such as risk assessments, hazard logs and checklists which are carried out on a daily basis. Nannas Day Nurseries has a nominated Designated Safeguarding Children Officer and Two Deputies who are trained in matters regarding Safeguarding Children, looking out for the signs and symptoms of abuse and making referrals to Social Care as appropriate.

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