2016 Peg People Competition!!

Nannas Day Nurseries are well known by staff, parents, children and visitors for their amazing, creative annual competitions! A favourite amongst many is this one - our 'Peg People'!!

Every year each staff member is given four plain, wooden peg people with which to decorate however they choose, creating people, animals, characters etc. The pegs can be accompanied by additional props and scenaries to develop childrens imagaination and extend their learning opportunities through play.

This year didn't disappoint and we were yet again amazed by the creative flare of our staff! From penguins to minions, spacemen to interactive games, there were peg people for every age, interest and ability!

Parents and children delighted in choosing the winning sets - at the Turner Road site this was Samantha's Jungle animals and at the Hawthorn Avenue site this was a close tie between three entries who all shared joint first place - Kayleigh's Space, Fern's Jungle and Lucy's Colour Matching Game!

The staff are looking forward to sharing these new, exciting, home made resources with their children! Congratulations to all the staff for their wonderful entries!


Jungle2 Penguins 3 little pigs Colours Minions Monsters Pirates2 Flower basket Frozen Harry potter Jungle Pirates1