Amazing Annual Role Play Competition!!

On Friday 5th August 2016 both Nannas Day Nursery sites were transformed for their annual Role Play competition!!

Staff and children have worked hard over the last few weeks in preparation for the big day today when the rooms were judged!!

Parents delighted in joining in with the festivities by dressing up their children and were so impressed with everyone's efforts!!

The children all had an amazing day playing in their newly transformed rooms!! At the Hawthorn Avenue site the baby room and toddler rooms were 'A day at the seaside' complete with beach, paddling pool and snack shop! The 2-3 room was 'Clever Creators Chaotic Circus' and featured clowns performing balancing acts, juggling balls and plate spinning! Children all tried the different activities on offer and encorporated their love of the film Madagascar into their mark making area! The 3-5 children visited 'Space' for the day with their room covered in flour to re-create the moon! Children made alien masks and rockets and loved playing in the moon boots and NASA-style space ship!

At the Turner Road site the baby room was turned into a 'Farm' for the day, complete with a real-life hen! Children dressed up as different farm animals and enjoyed exploring real farm shop foods such as potatoes and carrots! The 1-2's (Eager Explorers) were Princes and Princesses for the day in their very own 'Castle' which featured photographs of the Royal Family, crowns and a very British tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches! The other 1-2 room (Active Adventurers) were transported to 'Alice in Wonderland' for the day with their very own 'Mad Hatter', 'Alice' and 'White Rabbit' (who was very very late as usual!) Large mushrooms had sprouted around the room and children made their own potions in the water tray! The 2-3's room were 'Nannas Vets' for the day with a receptionist, waiting area and pet food shop! Children were engrossed in caring for the animals and looking at real animal x-rays! They had a menagerie of animals in their surgery ranging from parrots to pandas! Finally the 3-5 room were 'at the Beach' for the day! The sand and water areas were completely transformed with fishing rods and fish, children had been collecting items from the seaside with their families and discussed their favourite things about the beach! Fantastic paintings were made of sealife creatures and lighthouses and children enjoyed shopping (in the quiet room) for beach-side souvenirs and accessories!

There could only be one overall winner which the judges decided was Clever Creators Chaotic Circus!!

All the staff put so much effort into ensuring the children had an amazing day and creating resources which can be re-used time and time again! The bar for this competition has been set incredibly will they match it for their next competition Halloween?! Watch this space!





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