Exciting activity competition!!

Our creative team have excelled themselves yet again by making a wide range of exciting new activities for the children at Nannas! Our mini-competition ran for the month of January and all entries were submitted yesterday.

The activities focused on the following subjects: Finger Gyms (for the development of childrens fine motor skills), Maths Challenges and Literacy Challenges. Staff were each allocated one of these activities to make and their imaginations and creativity did the rest!

Activities ranged from unlocking the superhero, pairing socks and letter wands to cotton bud painting, word bingo and number roads!

The activities will be left in the hallways of both nurseries for parents and children to see before they are given to the children to play with in the rooms. The children will then judge the best activity and the winner will receive an extra day of annual leave! 

Congratulations to all the staff for your wonderful efforts, not only will the children have a lot of fun playing with these but they will also learn and develop crucial skills for their futures!



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