Nannas Annual Christmas Competition!!

This year both sites pulled out all the stops for the infamous Nannas Christmas competition!

The children had been busy making craft and decorating their rooms and hallways ready for the big judging day on Thursday 15th December!

Alongside the 'Traditional White Christmas' of the UK, the children learnt about traditions and celebrations in different countries and cultures around the world!

The judges were treated to (amongst a huge variety of treats) a snow machine, snow ball fight, carol singing, 'real' reindeer, music, dancing Father Christmas's, snowmen, homemade mince pies, sausage rolls, yule log, hot chocolate and other festive foods!

Activities the children enjoyed on the day included making playdough snowmen and tree decorations, wrapping and unwrapping presents, ice picking in the water tray, building igloo's from bricks, making toilet tube Christmas trees, pulling crackers, writing letters to Father Christmas and making mince pies!

Both nurseries involved the local communities by each visiting a nearby care home to sing Christmas carol's to the residents the previous week. Hawthorn Avenue site also collected food to donate to their local food bank and the Turner Road site collected presents for the children on the Children's Ward at Colchester General Hospital .

The Hawthorn Avenue site invited a parent to come and facepaint the children in the 2-3 room whilst parents at the Turner Road site emailed in lots of photographs of their children participating in festive activities at home.

The judges were the staff themselves - those employees who had managed an entire year of attendance with no sickness periods! Overall it was incredibly difficult for the judges to mark each nursery against the criteria which included Equality and Diversity and Child Participation, but the winning nursery with 525/600 points was the Hawthorn Avenue site! 

A huge congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to this amazing day for the children who are the real winners!


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