Nannas Day Nurseries Annual Peg People Competition!!

Our talented staff didn't disappoint with this year's peg people competition! Each staff member this year was issued two straight bodied pegs and two round bodied pegs to decorate. They could choose any topic or theme that would be suitable for their age group.

Staff had to consider other marking criteria which included longevity, diversity and creativity, bonus points were awarded for something completely new and innovative! This year the challenge was that the peg people would be judged entirely on their own and any props or backgrounds made would not be considered.

Entries this year ranged from Ninja's to Teletubbies and pets to Paw Patrol! The children at both sites thoroughly enjoyed playing with the peg people throughout the week before they were judged by Managing Director Carrie Wiseman.

This year's winners were Emily Sudgen with her Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters at the Turner Road site and Bailey Tett with her Trolls at our Hawthorn Avenue site! Runners up were Rachel (with 'people who can help us'), Lauren W (with 'Minions'), Lucy B (with 'insects') and Imogen (with 'chicks')! Congratulations everyone, our lucky children have lots of nice new resources to play with now!

What will 2018 bring...........


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