Nannas Day Nurseries Annual Role Play Competition 2017!!

Our amazing annual Role Play competition took place on 8th August! Lots of fun was had by all the children, staff and parents with everyone pulling out the stops like never before! 

For the last few months everyone has been busy preparing with the children for the big judging day! Dinky Adventurers at our Hawthorn Avenue site was transformed into a Farmyard, complete with authentic farmyard smell, farm shop, real eggs, butterfly walk, dirty piglets and home-made pastry treats! Next door the Clever Creators became a Vets surgery with real animals - puppy Albert, Mr Millie the tortoise and Rosie the snake for the children to experience and learn about!  Children donned vets outfits and cared for the real pets alongside their toy ones! Clever Creators in the top department went on an Under the Sea adventure complete with snorkels and mermaid outfits! Children enjoyed playing with large inflatable toys in the 'sea', treasure hunting in the sand and adding 'frozen fish' to their water tray! They even learnt a special song with actions which they performed for the judges! And the last room at Hawthorn Avenue, Incredible Inventors, took us on a magical journey Around the World, from Paris to the Taj Mahal and China after checking in with our special airhostess and personalised passports! Children enjoyed dressing up in a variety of multicultural costumes, food tasting and making spicey playdough!

Our Turner Road site adopted a Hospital theme throughout the nursery with each room a different ward! Dinky Discoverers was transformed into an operating theatre with authentic outfits, brain model, building broken bones activity and red food dye with swabs in the water tray! Staff delighted in making some very slimey and smelly sensory activities too for the children to explore! Next door the Eager Explorers became the hospital waiting room, complete with magazines, newspapers, patient forms and a television displaying the latest BBC news! Active Adventurers were the X-Ray department with children acting as patients in their own 'cubicles' and real X-Rays displayed around the room! Clever Creators were a Maternity Ward, complete with 6 week old baby Poppy and pregnant Deputy Manager Chloe! The birthing pool was on standby along with a weighing station for newborns! Children were also able to explore bottle making using the equipment in the sand trays! And finally our Incredible Inventors room became an Isolation Ward with face masks, aprons, dramatic background sound effects and some 'very poorly' children with red and green spots! Children enjoyed taking their 'medication' (sweets) whilst being connected up to 'drips'! In the quiet room a plaster ward had been set up with children able to have their various limbs put into cast after receiving their X-Rays from Merse!

It truly was a sight to behold!

Our parents all become involved, donating items and their own time on the day by face-painting, cake making, bringing in their pets from home and even judging! Our Friends of the Nurseries Deputy Chairpersons did a fantastic job under difficult circumstances as it was a closely fought competition!

All children throughout the week were able to immerse themselves in these new worlds and delighted in exploring all the new resources and activities on offer! On the day the children joined in by dressing up and wearing face paints! It was an amazing learning opportunity for all!

Congratulations to the winning room - Incredible Inventors (Isolation Ward) at the Turner Road site! Joint runners up were Clever Creators at both sites (Under the Sea and Maternity Ward) and highly commended was Dinky Discoverers at the Hawthorn Avenue site (Farmyard) but overall it was the children who were the real winners!

We look forward to what next year brings........who will be victorious?


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